Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So we’ve been homeschooling for a complete year. Our children have progressed beyond expectations. And my sanity is still in tack. How I’m not sure, but I managed-barely. Just don’t ask anyone I know they’d probably have a different opinion.

We officially have three in grades now. I started with a first grader and kindergartener. Now we have a third grader and two first graders. No we didn’t trade or kidnap children. We were just overly achieving to prove everyone wrong. Martin has overcome the diffuculty of reading with dyslexia. And Madison and Degan are over achievers. Bella of course has picked up some things but she is to little to do all of our activities.

I think the break through came when we shaving creamed the house. That was a sensory activity that got way out of hand. Since we have huge mirrors in the living room and dining room I gave each child a mirror to practice on. The mistake came from letting them add more shaving cream themselves while working with a single child at a time. By the time we were done Buck Blaster had a shaving cream mohawk, and Gypsy Rose looked like Santa.

Ummmm….it obviously didn’t sink in ‘cause then we had the paper mache massacre. That was six months ago and I just pulled a piece off the ceiling fan blades last week. Still not sure how it got up there, but even more curious how who ever did it got the gum up there first.

Has it all been chaos? Well…….YES. Does anyone realize how much work teachers go to for one class? I have different grades with different strengths and goals for each child. That means two to three different math, English, social studies, and extracurricular activities per day! Think about that then send your kids’ teacher a fruit basket or something. Do I spend more time doing school stuff than every other thing in my life combined? Oh yeah and sometimes I just want to pull my hair out.

(Ignore the bald spots.)

Have I read more Dr. Suess than any normal adult should? Did the cat in the hat eat green eggs in ham in a peoples house while Horton hatched the egg in the town of Who on Wacky Wednesday? Sam-I-am and I are off with the fox in socks to lick lakes with Luke Luck and his duck talk to you later.

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