Thursday, November 18, 2010

hello there stranger

I'm back from my sabbatical. Not that it was really a vacation. More like writer's block for the blog. Notice I say for the blog. I am working hard on my book which now has a name, "Gypsy Moon". I have been in a novel writing binge. Better than a cookie binge by far.

Anyway, on my writers forum I have met some new friends. And thanks to Deniz at the Girdle of Melian was inspired. Not by the blog (which I love, even if it is sickening she writes ten times more than me in a day, by hand no less) but one of our sarcastic forum posts back and forth. On such short acquaintance I already look forward to her witty remarks. Reminds me of me. They always say the most intelligent conversation is the one you have with yourself. ;)

Anywho, she mentioned a VCR. And me in my self proclaimed wittiness asked her what that was. Her description...priceless. Ah, that special item from the dark ages... Those tapes where you had to guess, based on your recording speed, whether you had 8 hours or 16 hours on the tape... were there two hours worth of space left to tape a movie in the middle of the night? Or would the tape run out just as the hero advanced on the villain?

See what I mean a wit to match my own. This was just a small chunk of the conversation that had started over a song quote. A song that I was blissfully unfamiliar with until I made the mistake of following this link while the kids were sitting around me.

Now I am having to compose a Christmas song program around this silly song. Forget Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...I got to work with Startrek lingo on Chipmunk pace. How in the heck am I suppose to get Ruldoph and Santa worked into the Klingons on the starboard?

**On a side note how much do I rock? I finally figured out how to tag links.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Sheena!
    I love your book's title by the way.
    Off to listen to Christmas songs...

  2. Okay, girl, I'm a new follower and fellow forumite. ; ) You do rock!

  3. Hehehe Thanks Zan Marie. I love the forum. And am loving finding all the other writer's blogs. Yours too.

  4. Welcome to the shade, Sheena. I had seen your pic and thought you were from the Forum. It's such a lovely place. I could spend all day there...Wait! I do! ; )

  5. Yeah, it's addictive. But in a good way.

  6. Whaaat? Another place to use to deny my reality of a messy house???

    On my way..

  7. I believe it's more addictive than blogging. ;)

  8. Oh yes, the forum is very addictive! Hmm, maybe I will listen to some cassettes today [bg]

  9. lol. I'm sure you will if you can unearth them along side the VCR. (bw)


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