Monday, November 22, 2010

death's door is opening

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.
Woody Allen

Death is for the birds. Yesterday Honeybear asked what's the deal with your blog? I asked him what he meant. "Well how do expect to be famous for your writing after your dead if you don't write."

A pensive moment or two went by then I asked the big question. "When are you planning on knocking me off?" The uh-what reply followed. You know, the one where they weren't expecting that answer and they stammer and look puzzled. But I'm not fooled he's most likely planning my imminent demise after I finish Gypsy Moon. What better catch than a dead artist right?

So now when I mysteriously die ya'all are my witnesses. The butler did it. And apparently with help from the munchkin squad cause a few short seconds later, I was told were I would be buried by Degan. Straight through the heart, it's a conspiracy!

But it's alright they'll be sure to follow me quickly. Since no one else apparently knows how to fix even a pb & j. That alone comforts me.

Of course I tried to get details out of the MS (munchkin squad) but they only look at me funny when I asked when the assassination was. They told me they already had. Then Bella got out her play gun and shot me a couple of times just to be sure.


  1. Do not let any of them near cooking or helping with Thanksgiving Dinner. lol

  2. As previously mentioned they are inept in the cooking department. So IF anyone tries to help I will know not to eat that. lol


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