Tuesday, November 16, 2010

boneheads are everywhere

Today I'm going to be serious, well mostly. There is a growing epidemic in this country, and my dogs have been the focus more than once. Pit bull hatred. No, we don't have pits. Honestly I don't know why, we love bully breeds. But they have been mistaken for them by hysterical uninformed media watching people of the world.

One of my friends on facebook shared a link ( look for Lennox) about something going on not just in this country but all over the world. This family is about to lose their dog because he looks to pit bully.

Now come on people. You know what breed I find frightening? Chihuahuas! There's something about those little rat looking dogs. Everyone I have ever met, was a mean little bugger. And get this-they are the breed with the most reported bites five years running. Evil little rat dogs. (If you own one, well sorry I guess)

Guess who was second on the list for bites. Labs. That's right the big goofy lovable family breed. Now personally, I've only met big stupid or big lovey labs. But hey I didn't do the stats. Honeybear swears that the coloring has a close tie to IQ.

He worked at a duck training facility for a couple of years in high school.Here's his take on the three different coats. Chocolates are like the ones that have been dropped on their heads one to many times. Blondes are more prone to look up you in utter devotion and never wants to leave your side. And Blacks, they're pretty intelligent, but a lot more stubborn.

For years people have to have a bad breed to pin things on. Before now it's been Rotts, German Shepards, and Dobies. I have personal experience with all three breeds. Dobie. I will never ever own one. But that's my prerogative. Mom and Dad loves them had them for years.

Rotts, wonderful love hounds. Some can be protective others are more of the lead ya to the silver as long as you love them. Ours was so lovable someone stole her...twice.

German Shepards. How did these dogs get a bad rap? They are bull headed yes. But with a good trainer they are marvelous. Still pigheaded but marvelous.

All these dogs have also had their time in the limelight. Before or after their popularity spiked they were a family favorite. Just like the pit. People need to wake up and realize- There is no bad dog, just bone headed owners.

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