Wednesday, November 3, 2010

one of two

There will be two posts today. This will be the first. My girlfriend yesterday, was asking for ideas for two little girls. While she has several little girls herself, I was puzzled. Turns out she and her family had adopted a family for the holidays.

This made me think. I can't afford myself to adopt a family, and I'm sure there are a lot of other families that can't either. But if we can all just gather together, maybe we can give some families who are having a harder time in this economy a wonderful Christmas.

I was going to start a pledge drive, I wanted to try and get one hundred and fifty families adopted. But the Salvation Army doesn't make it easy. After about a dozen calls I am still no farther with approval. So instead I want to draw attention to the situation.

There are lots of things you can do to help. You can adopt a family. Meaning the whole family or just the kids. You can donate to Salvation Army or another like-wise minded organization. This is not just monetary donations. Gently used clothes, coats, and toys are also appreciated.

The organizations to look for include local churches, Big Brother or Big Sister, fire departments or police departments. They all usually have some kind of drive for the holidays.

You can work at a mission, donate to a mission. Or just give someone some much needed hot food or clothing. There are as many ways to help, almost as many people in need of the help.

Or you can try and bring awareness to others that might be better equipped to do more than you.

Just remember, most these people are not lazy. They are not stupid. If they could fix their situation they would. This year more than any other we should try and help our fellow man. For this is the worst year for our economy in close to a century.

God bless, and Happy Holidays.

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