Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a monumental moment

That wondrous day has come. There are no longer freeloaders here. That's right we got our first egg. Look upon the beauty of homegrown food.

That's right be jealous. hehehehe

Thank you little Red. I feel kinda bad for her though. If the other hens don't hurry up and grow she will be bald very shortly. (Side note for city slickers. A favorite hen or two few of hens with to many roosters will end up bald from gettin rode by roosters.)

So now we have little Red, who is being bred by Brownie and Big Red. Porky just sits there, givin everyone disapproving looks. Personally, I have yet to figure out without a doubt whether Porky is a he or she. No crowing, but also no eggs. And she is a month older than the rest!

And Scout has been...processed. No more worrying if my chickens would be alive in the morning, no more chasing him down in the yard. But lots of meat. We have pork butt, fresh side (uncured bacon), and lots of other cuts. Yum yum.

Well, I'm off to cook my family some side and egg, everyone have a great day.

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