Monday, November 15, 2010

chica bow wow

As we speak my children are running around my living room hands behind there heads shaking their hips hollering "Chica bow wow." Why? Because Alvin and the Chipmunks is the closest thing to a Christmas movie they're allowed to watch. Honeybear is very strict about when Christmas stuff is allowed. No movies, no trees, no discussing it till Thanksgiving.

See, I am already thumbing my nose at him. I mentioned Christmas twice. Take that you dictator. I do what any mother would do with four small children clamoring for Christmas (thanks Wal-Mart, without your decorations everywhere this might not be an issue) and a hubby demanding I create tradition, I combined the two. I let them watch all the silly made for cartoon network specials on netflix, and keep the traditional movies in their box.

But my hubby has deemed Alvin and the Chipmunks isn't a Christmas movie. The children disagree. They watch them open all their presents for the thousandth time, and discuss their wishlist. They really are greedy little buggers. Which I don't get cause we do traditions more than presents.

We have a lot of traditions. At dusk we look for Christmas lights, new pajamas for Christmas Eve, homemade and decorated Santa cookies, The Night Before Christmas read while drinking hot chocolate Christmas Eve after making the cookies and putting on the pjs, and then there are more traditions after the children are in bed but best not mentioning all of those.

Of course there are traditions on Christmas day too. Mommies are very busy on Christmas morning, we have a huge brunch with a Christmas ham, we stay in pjs pretty much all day, and lounge around doing nothing. It's a wonderful family day.

This year is a my parent's house. Martin is extremely excited. He plans on sleeping on the rock hearth to catch Santa. Pictures will be taken. They have not one but two beautiful fireplaces. (Built by Daddy himself, fifth generation mason in this country alone.)

The one downstairs is about fifteen feet long (if not twenty or more) and at least two and a half feet across, stone. Martin is sure this is were Santa enters. His reason? If he has the chance to use a nice big opening instead of the small or nonexistent kind of course that's the one he'll use.

Daddy has a thing for Santa figurines, and the whole house has hundreds of them. There is even a table full of musical ones just for the kids to turn on. Boy do they love those ones. Daddy better stock up on batteries this year. Five grandchildren and all the adults that love to press them to, if nothing more than to see the children dance with them.

And my gorgeous and lovely niece Paige will be there. Which makes it that much more fun for my kids. She really loved our holiday traditions last time. Gosh I just can't wait for Christmas.

Ps. Can't wait to watch A Christmas Carol with you Daddy.


  1. Christmas is a great time of year. We always used to get our sleeping bags out and sleep under the xmas tree, staring at the lights, thinking about santa and gifts. Magical. Or materialistic. Ah, the holidays!

  2. That sounds magical too. Never thought about laying under the tree. We will definitely have to try that.


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