Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Please refrain from removing Madison's tooth till later this week. She would really like to keep it till she can show her Pappaw and Granny this weekend. She has promised you can have it immediately there after. Thank you.

Madison has lost her first tooth. It's a unique little piranha tooth. I'm guessing it's something to do with her inability to thrive that her first teeth are so tiny. But never the less with her sensitivity to...well everything, this was quite the process.

It started over a week ago with Madison's announcement that her tooth was loose. We dismissed it cause there wasn't a whole lot to do anyways. We knew it would practically have to be falling out before she would let us near it. So nothing else was said or done except an occasional reminder it was loose and a uh huh wiggle it reply.

Today as I cooked dinner she giggled periodically and finally we asked what her deal was. She told us her tooth was dancing around. Curious, I beckoned her over and wiggled it with my finger. Yep, it was definitely loose. Loose enough it was actually lower in the gum and sticking our at a weird angle.

Her daddy said let me see it. He was trying to get enough leverage to pop it out. She backed up and dodged him repeatedly. No way was Daddy getting near her teeth. (Here's a quirky thing about SPD-she laughed. She was in pain and she just kept laughing uncontrollably.) Never once did she cry.

Whenever her older brother loses a tooth it's all Honeybear and I can do to hold him down and get it out. He screams and screams like you would not believe. Once we have him it's simple to pop out but you would think we were trying to pull out the rooted ones with dull pliers when it's that time. All because he swallowed his second one.

Anyway, we finally gave up and told her to get an apple. She giggled every time she took a bite. (In all honesty it's a tiny bit odd. But hey that's Madison for you. She is unique.)She was intrigued, her tooth was now sticking out towards her lip. She was mesmerized when she found blood leaking from around it. She giggled every time she saw where she had bit.

Finally after letting me look, and practically choking while giggling, and me wiggling we convinced her to go see Daddy. Daddy was cautiously subtle. He acted all puzzled got her to come closer. Then he quietly placed his thumb under her chin. With leverage he quickly took his index finger and POP the tooth released mostly from the gum, held by a minuscule thread. Madison was giggling like crazy, and reached up and plucked the tooth from it's precarious position.

Never once did she stop giggling. Even with the always present blood of a newly pulled tooth welling slowly to the surface, she just kept giggling. With the tiny minuscule tooth held tightly in her hand like a key to the land of fairies, she giggled and touched the exposed gum.

She finally handed it over to me. I kid you not this thing is maybe a quarter inch long and quarter inch wide. She insists she wants to keep it till this weekend when she can show her grandparents and cousin-hence the note to keep the Tooth Fairy from taking it tonight. Everyone cross your fingers and clap your hands and repeat after me, I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES, I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES.
We don't want to disappoint Madison do we?

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