Saturday, November 13, 2010

greed and wishful thinking

Do you realize that there is 41 days, 13 hours, and 24 no now 23 minutes till Christmas?! Do you know how much Christmas shopping I have accomplished?! Your all wrong! None, nada, zip, zilch. I have four children to take care of and I haven't accomplished anything.

Okay now that my slight moment of panic has passed. (Don't you believe that one?) I thought I would give you a rundown of our experience with the kids' writing their letters to Santa. I'm sure the big guy won't mind me sharing his mail as long as no one ruins the surprise.

Bella of course tried her darndest to keep up with her siblings. Her hand flew across the page. She would stop long enough how to spell a word. "How you spell baby?" And before we could answer she would have her head bent over the paper, nodding in agreement like she thought that was right but was just double checking.

When she presented us with the letter, her older brother exclaimed that Santa couldn't read that. She promptly smacked him in the head with her clipboard (anyone see a pattern in Bella's way of dealing with others) and was sent to her room.

Then there's Degan he opted for a picture letter. What did he draw? A tiger, a dragon, and a transformer. When we asked he said he wanted the tiger for a pet, the dragon for a horse, and the transformer to beat up Martin.

Now we're to the beautiful Madison. Hers was skillfully flattering, even while being greatly misleading. "Dear Santa,
How are you this year? And the Mrs. Santa, is she good? I would love to tell you just in case you missed it Martin has been in lots of trouble, so has Degan. Bella doesn't listen, but I have been an angel. Mama says so. Daddy says so. Everyone says I'm the best. So if you bring me all the things on my list I would love it. I want a unicorn, Princess home, my own room, more clothes, and some clothes for my Barbie, and a new friend for her, a TV for my room, more shoes, and slap bracelets, a horse in a purse, a large Tinker doll, a pillow pet (unicorn), and a watch. I would really be happy. Love, Madison"

Martin was much more to the point. "Dear Santa, Please leave pillow pet, a new bow, bbs for my gun, a mate for Buck, my own laptop, big big big T-Rex like Sid the Science Kid, a new fishing rod, a spider like mommy, and my own TV, another rabbit, and a new bow. Oh a pet snake or scorpion, a guitar, and a big big log cabin for Buck's cage. Love, Martin"

Not asking for much are they?

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