Wednesday, November 3, 2010

two of two

Two in one day. Don't ya'all feel so special? It's gotta just be something in the air. Cause I have actually wrote four posts, archiving two for when I am uninspired. Impossible around here right?

Today was a good day. Maybe even great. Why? I got my revenge! And whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold, obviously was not doing it against a murdering pig. Ahhh sweet victory, and sweet meat, perfect.

Now all you bleeding hearts, how are you still coming back? Jealous, aren't ya? You want some of delicious meat. Well, I ain't sharing my chicken fed pork. He was expensive. The last day he tried to get Porky. Porky! Lucky for him I couldn't damage his meat or he would have taken a two by four between the eyes.

But the real treat? I know my kids have the bodily systems down pat exceptionally well for their ages. And the botched castration gave them an extraordinary chance at seeing first hand the amazing things a body will do to adapt after injury.

What do you mean I didn't tell ya about the botched castration. Okay long story short, very thin membranes separates the inner scroctum (inside joke meant to spell it that way) from the intestines. His membrane was cut during his castration, and his intestines popped out and filled his scroctum. His intestines being somewhat cut off after it healed is what caused him to grow so much slower.

When Honeybear was trying to gut (or remove the intestines and such so as not to spoil the meat) the intestine was stuck. Skin had grown around the pouch as a protector. The kids were riveted. Right up until Honeybear pulled it loose and it squirted everywhere. We all jumped back, only to slip on the hose. We then all sat down...hard-into draining blood.

While the boys were hardly fazed, us girls, well we might be country girls but...blood. Madison is country, but a prissy miss especially. She went running for the house, only to be called back. No way was I letting her go fling those pants down somewhere.

Now moms you know you have to rinse blood out before you wash. And Honeybear was ready to wash out Scout so......I just lined up the kids. Rinsed out the blood and wah lah no stains. They were not nearly as satisfied with my resolution to the problem. *shrugs Can't please everybody.

Ya'all come back now, ya hear?


  1. HOney, how are you?

    I'm OK, going into our crazy busy season at work. I can blog and comment here and there...but it's going to be nuts until after December.

    How is everything???

    ALWAYS awesome with a side of sauce to see you. xo

  2. D'yam..... I am a city girl. C I T Y .

    I like my pork when I find it nicely wrapped at the butchers. :-)

  3. Empress, I won't take it personally I promise. Thanks for stopping by, as always, and hope the busy season at work doesn't make your holidays any less enjoyable. Take care of little Purseylette. ;)

    express, it has been forever! And ours are nicely wrapped but by of a couple of hillbillies who probably look closer to starring in Texas Chainsaw Massacre than being the local butcher. hehehe


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