Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

I am running on coffee, more coffee, and next to no sleep. No, I am not hiding the bodies. My girl Ranee inexplicably started having seizures last week and I am babysitting....and adultsitting. Out of the two I'd rather wrangle the almost two year old, cause the twenty year old is a whiny pain in my-neck, definitely neck.

Rhianna, the cherubic baby, is as I said almost two. Yesterday made me glad we stopped having babies five years ago. Yes everyone is entitled to a bad day in a stressful time, but I was ready to pull out my hair and her mama's yesterday....and she's the one I'd rather deal with! Don't get me wrong I have known Ranee since she was Madison's age. I love her like my little sister. But even sisters need space. I have a whole new level of respect for my older brother. I really ain't sure how I made it to adulthood.

 Ranee, are you hungry?


 Are you sure?


 I am cooking for the kids, you sure?

Yeah, I'm good.

Ten minutes later..... Sheena...would you hate me if I asked for some chicken?

 Yes! Yes! I would, will, do. *silently I rant* Thirty minutes later, sweetly "Here you go, hun." Mutters "don't choke" Need I say more?! But all I really want is her to feel better. So hope springs eternal...she'll get better, I'll get sleep, my world and her family's will be restored. Tell next time y'all.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

xanax and popsicles

So you remember the Swiss? (The kids clubhouse/tree house.) Well when we moved in April they were distraught over its loss. Of course that was unacceptable for Honeybear. What's a yard without a tree house right? So the Swiss has been reborn. This time with a balcony and solar lights. (I would say its particularly helpful in being overrun with the neighborhood kids.) Its already held several sleep overs and is definitely helping keep our medicine cabinet full of off and benedryl gel. And even had a new neighbor hollering for his wife to watch Hercules climb in it. We have unanimously been voted the coolest parents in the neighborhood (according to a gaggle of girls painting their nails around my table.) And the crazy brave ones by the other parents. When asked our secret to sanity in this madhouse I smile serenely and reply Xanax and popsicles. One for me and one for the kids, now if I could just keep the kids out of my popsicles.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hey guys miss me?

Hey guys....alright has the hysterical happiness subsided? I know years right? You feel betrayed but I promise there's not another blog. In the past two years I fought a life threatening illness, and recently moved from our homestead. Oh My Gosh, right? But no worries we found a hillbilly "town". Heck we even kept a goat for the backyard. The kids, being the unsocialized homeschoolers they are, have made us the town hot spot. (With a population of 118 calling ourselves a town makes even the oldest residents smile.) I thought having our wild menagerie and four kids running in and out was exhausting. Now I have to do three head counts before cooking. One to see, two to double check, and the third to cry and laugh myself to sleep depending. At this point we're expecting child support for a couple of them. Their parents have every other weekend visitation rights and we're working on the holiday schedule now. Oh look its feeding time at the zoo gotta go for now, but I promise to see y'all real soon.