Saturday, July 27, 2013

xanax and popsicles

So you remember the Swiss? (The kids clubhouse/tree house.) Well when we moved in April they were distraught over its loss. Of course that was unacceptable for Honeybear. What's a yard without a tree house right? So the Swiss has been reborn. This time with a balcony and solar lights. (I would say its particularly helpful in being overrun with the neighborhood kids.) Its already held several sleep overs and is definitely helping keep our medicine cabinet full of off and benedryl gel. And even had a new neighbor hollering for his wife to watch Hercules climb in it. We have unanimously been voted the coolest parents in the neighborhood (according to a gaggle of girls painting their nails around my table.) And the crazy brave ones by the other parents. When asked our secret to sanity in this madhouse I smile serenely and reply Xanax and popsicles. One for me and one for the kids, now if I could just keep the kids out of my popsicles.

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