Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

I am running on coffee, more coffee, and next to no sleep. No, I am not hiding the bodies. My girl Ranee inexplicably started having seizures last week and I am babysitting....and adultsitting. Out of the two I'd rather wrangle the almost two year old, cause the twenty year old is a whiny pain in my-neck, definitely neck.

Rhianna, the cherubic baby, is as I said almost two. Yesterday made me glad we stopped having babies five years ago. Yes everyone is entitled to a bad day in a stressful time, but I was ready to pull out my hair and her mama's yesterday....and she's the one I'd rather deal with! Don't get me wrong I have known Ranee since she was Madison's age. I love her like my little sister. But even sisters need space. I have a whole new level of respect for my older brother. I really ain't sure how I made it to adulthood.

 Ranee, are you hungry?


 Are you sure?


 I am cooking for the kids, you sure?

Yeah, I'm good.

Ten minutes later..... Sheena...would you hate me if I asked for some chicken?

 Yes! Yes! I would, will, do. *silently I rant* Thirty minutes later, sweetly "Here you go, hun." Mutters "don't choke" Need I say more?! But all I really want is her to feel better. So hope springs eternal...she'll get better, I'll get sleep, my world and her family's will be restored. Tell next time y'all.

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