Thursday, August 8, 2013

Resumes and Roosters

Whew...this city living is for the birds. How y'all do it with more than 118 people is beyond me. Today alone we've had three neighbors over. It's exhausting. The kids are enjoying having so many new friends which for the most part I am okay with. Although I am tryin' to understand where parenting became a best friends contest. Or how the concept of respect is something alien or from by gone days. The funny part is these people say they are country. Now we have been over this before. Havin' half a dozen chickens does not make you country any more than wearin' boots makes you a bronc rider. (I just made myself giggle imaginin' some of the cowboy boot wearin' people I know tryin' to saddle up let alone rough ridin'.) But then again they have nothin' but what they know to compare it to-till now that is. The looks on their faces when the kids start walkin' a goat. Bwhahahahaha. Let alone the kids wranglin' their rabbits in the front yard or kids climbin' trees or playin' with their new turtle. Then there's Honeybear and his tinkerin'. Every kid in the neighborhood brings their bikes to him. Not to mention the guys bringin' their cars, mowers, weed eaters, and other electronics over. If we charged for our services we'd be rich. You're probably wondering what services I offer since Honeybear is the tinker the kids are the entertainment, so what could I possibly offer. That's easy I offer...gossip. The currency of every good housewife. I can tell you which wife sleeps alone, which hubby is drinkin, etc. I know shocked right? Well you should be if you actually believed that. I mean really like I am that devious. Me, well really I just am the animal control apparently. We rescued two girls out of an abandoned house and now everyone tells me when another one has been dumped. So anyone who needs a dog let me know. Tell next time y'all.

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