Friday, August 16, 2013

Porch Meeting of the Minds

     So I am out of the corner. It didn't take long for me to go right back. The worst part is no one noticed I was gone and the tornado that is my children continued. I am absolutely mortified. Why? Because my children decided to hold an impromptu ASL (American Sign Language) lesson on the porch with their friends. How cute right? Wrong oh so wrong.

     Picture this four or five boys straddling bicycles, three girls on the porch swing, and oh maybe three more lounging or leaning on the rest of the porch.  I might have missed a kid somewhere but you get the idea. I hear giggling and two of my children's voices raised in high pitched dispute (arguing but happily disagreeing not warring.) I look out the window to see if I need to intervene, only to see all these children signing. Some crudely mimicking my children some obviously getting the finesse of the movements.

    My heart swelled at the sight. It really did. I couldn't have been prouder...until I caught the signs going around. Of course I should have known. I had already saw firsthand what happens when you have scout troops together and showcase ASL. It inevitably ends in crude funny name calling.

    So now the girls and boys of town can call each other fart heads and the like from afar. *Wipes the proud tears out her eyes* and just think my kids taught them. Let's hope the other parents don't ask what or where that came from.

Author's note: No I did not teach my children how to call each other names. They're children for pete's sake they took words they knew and combined them. It is what children do.

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