Friday, October 1, 2010


This morning I listened to my playlist, while I fiddled with the photos and such. It made me think back to how this (my life as of now) started. Believe it or not, it started with a straw.

I was seventeen, working at Sonic. Fall had just started rearing it's head. Seemed like any other Saturday, I was at my second job. (Yes, I was still in school. But I was working two jobs to get my car.)My best friend and I were both carhops at Sonic. The town we lived in was a sleepy country town, by nine everyone was at home. So we were goofing around, we had another two hours till closing.

We heard the deep rumble of a truck, and looked out the window. In Eldo you usually know the owner by the vehicle. This time we didn't. They pulled around to a parking spot, Jan and I looked at each other. She said, "Old guys." and I said, "Next towners." (A little game we played at guessing who our customers were that we didn't know.) We later found out I was right. It was my turn to take the order, the intercom and computer were right in front of their parking spot.

I walked over, looking back at Jan and laughing. The minute I turned to push the button, I was frozen. Startling eyes met mine. Before I pushed the button to answer them, I turned to Jan. "Get over here." That was enough for her, she came and acted like she was helping me. We took their order, and then argued over who would take the order out. We finally decided to use the straw trick. This is where the one carhop takes the order out, but forgets the straw for the drink. The other carhop then follows a few seconds later. (Hey, I was seventeen. Give me a break.)

I got to be first, she already had once that night. (Did I mention by 8:30 we were usually dead, unless there was a football game?) I walked out to the truck, and smiled into-teeth. A dog so ugly it was cute, with a definite underbite was waiting at the open window. With my appearance the two guys cut off their conversation, and looked at me. The driver smiled at me, and said something irrelevant, pulling the dog out of the window.

I started handing him food, and he took it, asking about the town being dead. I told him it was always like this, noticing his hands-they looked blood splattered!! He must have caught my look and explained they had just come from catfishing. I smiled and told him I loved fishing. Jan arrived right about then, she saw the dog and started cooing over him. Since we had nothing better to do, we sat and chatted with the guys for a few. When another customer drove in, we excused ourselves, and went back to work. They drove away.

For the next little bit we cleaned and talked about how gorgeous these guys were. I had no idea about the other guy really. We were about an hour from closing when who drives back up-the gorgeous guys.

I took out an order and he hollered at me playfully. I smiled, and kept walking. When we were out of customers, I took a foot long hotdog out to his ugly dog. He asked my name, and I pointed to my name tag and laughed. We had another customer so I ran inside. I didn't notice till I was coming back from delivering an order, but Jan was at his truck. I was a little perturbed, I told her I liked him. When I got back in, she was right behind me. I turned to say something (probably snotty), and she handed me a scrap of paper with his name and number. I was stunned, but what was I going to do? I wasn't allowed to call guys! Before I could do anything he drove away. Cripes!

I sat there for a little bit, and we started cleaning again. It was fifteen minutes till close. I was jumping at every rumble of a big motor, till I finally gave up. Then while I was in back, Jan came told me I had an order. I looked at her like she was crazy, I was doing prep. Till I saw her smile. I calmly walked to the front, (Anyone believe that?) got his order, (he hadn't seen me so he ordered a Pepper, hoping, he says) and walked towards his truck with butterflies in my stomache. I gave him his drink, took a breathe, and handed him his number back. I told him "I don't call guys, if they want me they have to call me." (Pretty good save, huh?) He seemed a little shocked, so I turned and walked away. As I was walking back in, he stood on his running board and hollered,"Well, then can I have yours?" I looked over my shoulder, and smiled. When I got a free minute, I ran back out. Asked him to wait for a few till I was off, and gave him my number.

He did wait, and I was ecstatic! He asked me out for the following Monday-I, of course, said yes. I drew him a map to my house, and explained he should honk. My aussie hated men, he had already attacked two of my boyfriends. We said good bye and went our separate ways.

I might want to explain here, I had never been on a date. I had boyfriends, but I refused to go on a date with them. They were to handsy. They were allowed to come to my house for dinner, which is where Rusty(my aussie) met them. So while I had boy experience, I had no idea whatsoever what to do on a date.

He called the next day, to confirm our date, and I was over the moon. I gave him specific instructions about what time to arrive, because I had to work before our date. (It was Labor Day Monday.)I had to have danced around for an hour after is call.

The next day was our date, I was jumping around watching the clock for every second to pass. When it was about an hour from the end of my shift, Jan came and grabbed me. She said, "Your ride is here." I couldn't figure out why the heck my mom would show up so early. At least till I looked out-it was him!!!! I freaked, literally! I had been working in the back for a couple of hours, this was not easy lifting carhopping, I was a wreck.

I ran out and asked him what he was doing here? (Okay, I could have been a little more subtle.) But then was shocked by his answer, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to find my house, so he figured he'd just come get me at work. I melted, told him I would see if I could go a few minutes early, and ran inside. Only then did I realize my mom was probably leaving the house. Sure enough, I called the house and she was on her way.

I looked at the clock, I had thirty minutes left in my shift. So I went looking for my boss, I asked if I could get off a few minutes early. She was reluctant but let me. By the time I got outside, my mom was waiting, so I went over pointed to Honeybear and told her what was going on. She smiled like a cat with cream, and told me not to keep him waiting. I ran over opened the door and told him I was off. His worried look dissolved into a smile. I jumped in and he took me to my house so I could clean up.

When we got to the house I jumped out, told him not to pet Rusty, and ran inside. Little did I know, my brother had let Rusty off his chain, to try and scare Honeybear probably. He denies it to this day. My dad and brother were in the back working on the brickwork. They chatted with Honeybear, right up until Rusty came running up. I'm sure my dad was flipping out, just as I am sure, my brother was smirking, watching my dog walk up to this strange guy. Much to everyone present amazement, Rusty sat down and put his paw on Honeybear's foot. He allowed for Honeybear to pet him, and Honeybear looked up and asked, "Is this the vicious attack dog she keeps warning me about?"

My dad just stared, my brother looked at him and said," Alright, leave now." My dad says he should have known then that this was the man for me. They came in and chatted in the formal parlor. I came down the staircase (exactly like my future wedding day, actually) and Daddy says then he knew it was over. The look on Honeybear's face ,according to Daddy, was the beginning of the end.

We went on our date, and as they say the rest is history. But I never forget it all- started with a straw.



  2. I love hearing stories about how people met. This is a great one. And now, not only do I want to snuggle w/the jubs... but I want a burger too : D

  3. To Grannie-Isn't it cute?

    To express-Thanks, I warn carhops all the time about dating customers. I point to the backseats and say see what happens.

    And Diva-Thanks so much for visiting, and you can't beat a Sonic burger. Just don't eat the chili.

  4. Great story Sheena, I enjoyed it so much.

    Btw, I cannot remember my Ggogle account name, that's why I'm posting as anonymous.


  5. I love these kinds of stories. I have one on mine, "the Mrs that almost stayed a miss."

    Adorable, read your first posts, too...very very cute.

    Just had to follow, b/c this is somethin' different here...[see? I'm even talkin' different now..}]Did it agin! oops,

    Oh, this is FUN!

  6. lol. Maybe I should put a disclaimer under the title.

    Warning: Reading this blog can cause you to quit wearing shoes, crave dirt roads and open fields, and say things like Howdy Ya'all.


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