Friday, October 29, 2010

I'mmmmm baaacckkkk

Like poltergeist you just can't get rid of me. Oh, come on you know you missed me. Just a little right? Right? RIGHT? Okay now that I have stroked my ego. I will fill ya in on the happenings here at the Waltons homestead.

First, we just finished butchering...a deer. Scout got a reprieve till next week. But he has eaten two more of my chickens, so he is darn lucky. Cause I will gladly dance on his grave. That's right pita, I said I will rejoice at the slaughter of an animal. I will savor his bacon.

Next, we have a new arrival. Or should I say an unwanted arrival. Unfortunately, she doesn't care how much we chuck things at her, or the dogs run her away, she just slinks back under the porch. She is a beagle. We are looking for her owner, but to no avail. We do not need another dog! Anyone want her?

Here's an interesting fact. The kids informed us we are saying Scout's name wrong. They actually named him Scallop like scallop potatoes. Honeybear and I have decided it doesn't matter, they can call him Scallop, we are still calling him Scout. I am going to have a most wanted poster tshirt made with his face on it.

Well, that's all for now. But I will be back tomorrow.

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