Friday, October 15, 2010

gypsy protection

Did you know in 1572, William the Silent (the King of Holland) was at war with Spain. One night he was awakened by one of his pugs (he took his pugs with him, wherever he went ) just in time to avoid being assassinated.

Okay there is a reason for the history lesson. All of you are aware my beloved and loyal companion is a black pug named Gypsy Rose. The last several mornings after telling the kids some famous people who have owned pugs and their stories. (There are actually quite a few royalty that owned pugs, and at one point they were the symbol of the freemasons. Which all came about because of an historic art lesson and discussing their(paintings) subjects.) They have decided to see if they can "assassinate" me in my sleep.

Well, the first morning they figured out really quickly they would have to put D out before they tried their sneak attack. (It just doesn't work to have a hundred pound galoot see where you're headed and jump on the bed to say good morning first. You just lose the element of surprise.)

The second morning did not go any better. While the rest were putting D out, Bella came and crawled in and started patting me in the face going "assapate." (Yeah, maybe we need to teach them a different word for spy traitor.) So as they came around for their blitz they found me in bed looking somewhat grouchy cause not only was Gypsy Rose licking my nose, Bella was alternating with her (she was patting my face not licking.)

Yesterday morning, we beat them up with deer hunting and all. So as Martin put it "Rats foiled again!" (Where the heck do they get these things?)

This morning ,however, was different. For one, their Daddy had to go stay with his father who was having some heart issues again. So I was alone sprawled across our king size bed with pillows everywhere to make up for no body in the bed with me. And Gypsy Rose had come to rest on my stomach at some point in the night. (Hey why not it's probably softer than the pillows and bed.) I woke up to her growling deeply. (Gypsy Rose does not growl. Well before this morning I hadn't heard her.) I was wide eyed awake flipping out cause Honeybear wasn't there and there was obviously a murderer in the house. When Gypsy jumped to her feet and started her funny barking- followed by muffled giggling. They had managed to sneak around the door when Gypsy Rose came alert. Now Martin decided to stick his hand up over the edge of the bed. (They had crouched at the foot of the bed.) She went beserk and was jumping around on his hand. All the kids took turns, all giggling hysterically.

By the time I "officially" woke up they would have woke the dead with their belly laughter. I told Gypsy Rose to lay down and they joined me on the bed. Martin turned to me and goes "Mama, Gypsy Rose won't let you be assilenated." (Seriously we need to work on vocabulary words or something.)


  1. Aww how sweet... Well last night my daughter was out late (she is an adult moving out at the end of the month).... but anyway Our canine barked at every noise running back and forth thinking YEA she's home.... I did work this morning.... I was not happy...... but it freaks me out when he knows I am up... you know I open my eyes and think no I don't want to get out of this bed... he comes in my room and starts licking my hand...

  2. It could be worse. Gypsy Rose insists on licking me right square in the nose. No matter what I do. It's the only time she licks in the face. I just wish she would let someone else let her out in the mornings. lol. Thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Oh, no, assapated is the best word ever! Don't change that! Loved the history lesson - and it sounds like you have a good protection system at work.

  4. Hehehe. What was really funny was when Bella got her daddy later on and goes "Bang. You assapated." He was sure I had taught her a dirty word.

    And as far as the protections system, she's about as threatening as a newborn kitten-but she's the biggest bed hog ever.

  5. Love the made up words kids use!!! Pretty creative : )

    At least your dog barks & growls at logical things, like lurking invaders. My 90lb lab is overcome w/panic a the moment when our Halloween decorations low around outside. Pathetic.

  6. Yeah,D seems all protective too. Until you realize he's barking at a mole or rabbit or something. If an intruder actually did attack ,between all three dogs, I'm fairly certain it would be left to the guinea pig to protect us.


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