Tuesday, October 12, 2010

aging gracefrully part 2

You know I talked about my birthday and my graceful aging, when I told my Honeybear-he laughed. Apparently stating that it stinks that no one sang “Happy Birthday” makes me ungraceful. This got me to thinking about all the things that happen in the inbetween stage. You know the stage im talking about- the responsible period that starts at about 25 and ends when your “all grown up and settled” say 110.

Twenty five is when your suppose to start “acting your age” with less irresponsible spending and behaviors. Mine started at-well, birth., which was right around the same time I was married. Supposedly there was seventeen years between these two events. I beg to differ I was born married, I remember no other life than the one I am living. But once again I digress into a shining object moment.

This is right around the time people become better drivers-according to the insurance companies. Sad isn’t it this is your peak. (it slowly spirals downwards to the point that many people only drive as fast as they can walk) Honeybear once said ,as we slowly trudged along a back road in a train of eight cars, why is it our car says don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly but older people are waiting on a guardian snail

Then theres the music .I am suppose to like “my generation” music. I’m sorry-I can’t help I have good taste. No one told me a requirement of growing up meant I turned into one of the herd. I missed that memo obviously since I never have conformed to “my generation”. No I am not a rebel. I am an old person trapped in a twenty six year olds body.

You’re also suppose to start saving for retirement. How ironic. This time coincides with the birth of children. I don’t know bout ya’all but trying to save money in a one income household is like trying to catch a rainbow. Nice thought, but if you really think it’s goin to happen little men in white coats come to take ya away. Having kids means you have no money. Right about the time you think your going to save some money, someone needs braces, or ya know food.

Hmmm, seems to me I am ahead of the curve on reality checks. That’s at least worth grace right. Maybe not the “ful” but at least the grace.

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  1. Yes, you are deserving of all the grace God can bestow.


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