Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how crazy are ya

So, I believe I have finally managed to lose my last adult marble. I am officially kid-crazy mama-brained with no hope in sight. I know for a fact my shut up button has been obliterated. But what are the other signs? Well, if I knew that I would stop doing them. But here are some things I have noticed.

When you are walking through the store and run into a mom you know-and you can't remember one detail about her. Yet, you can remember every detail about her kid. Down to what games he likes to play, and if he is bossy or not.

You no longer call your hubby by his love name. But call him Dad or Daddy. Even tattling to him when the kids are driving you nuts. And his reply is "Do you need a time out?"

You are trying to lesson plan, and decide on projects by your fun-a-meter. Nah, lets not study Newton's theory, I can't find a project that's messy. That right there is bad enough. You quit worrying about how much a mess you're goin to make, even though you know you'll have to clean it up.

When you call your seven year old a meanie, cause he said you are too big to play in the tree. Well, you might just have issues.

If you get all excited about new crayons, and markers, and more paper. Thinking of all the pretty pics you can do. Or how many airplanes or pumpkins or ghosts for a door display.

So do ya'all have any signs that your kids have made you crazy?


  1. I do believe that the words "you poopy head" have slid over my lips a time or two:)

  2. Definitely a sign. But it's all good. We will have full blown old timers by the time they are to old to blame anymore. lol

  3. Want a messy Newton project? Got a climbable tree? Get up in it, with two splattable objects -- maybe a pumpkin and a water balloon? Just make sure one's lots heavier than the other. Drop 'em simultaneous-like. They land at the same time. Lots of mess, and gravity at work. ;-)

  4. Awesome! We will now be droppin' things out of a tree. WATCH OUT BELOW!!!!


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