Thursday, October 14, 2010

the most magical time of the year.

It is that surreal time of year,every thing is magical. You wake up and it is dark and cool. You dress and walk out as the grass crunches beneath your feet.

You look around in wonder. Watching the animals play, and gather. Breathing deeply of the fragrant leaves, that crumble underneath your feet. Looking... looking for the right tree. It has to be perfect.

You find it and after a couple hours, strap your prize to the roof and take it home. All at home meet you joyously upon arrival. Dancing around, ever so happy.

It is that time of the year family comes together. We laugh, and play, as we prepare the food. The kids run around sneaking a treat from the table every now and then. (But hey that's why the bag is there.)

Your husband has that primitive smile, he has done his job well. The kids faces are alight with happiness. All is perfect.

Then comes that beautiful dinner. We bow are heads and give thanks, then happily dig in. It's as perfect as we imagined.

I'm talking about the opening of deer season. What are you thinking about?


  1. Oh, I must come here to take a walk on the wild side....

  2. lol. Walk this way talk this way da da da dun ewwww I should add that song to the play list.


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