Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat smicker smeet

We don't do the traditional Halloween celebration around here. Not that we disagree with trick or treating or anything like that. We just discovered a fun and easy way of avoiding something that always somehow ends in disaster.

Three years ago on the twenty-ninth, I was life flighted out of our small town hospital. Bella's twin was born on this day, Gideon Wyatt Hawkins. With me gone, and Honeybear working there was few to watch the kids. My Mama and Daddy took them for the first week or so. (Correct me if ya gotta, Mama.)

So we started Halloween night. We buy the desired candy, a few "scary" movies, and stay up late binging on chocolate. I also "paint" the kids' faces, and usually do some sort of are project with them. Halloween inspired of course.

I tell you this to say this: After hearing what alot of my friends have said about doing the whole trick or treating thing, I don't miss it a bit. For one, about ninety percent of candy is off limits in this house anyways. And it never fails, someone comes down with a nasty bug.

Is it any wonder that flu season starts shortly after Halloween? Think of all the ucky germs floating around that night. How many times have your kids been told to grab what they want? How many kids were there before them? No, I will reaffirm I am not a germaphobe, but still ewwwww.

How about the people that still hand out homemade or unwrapped candy? Does anyone actually eat the popcorn ball? Why go to all the trouble of doing that if you know most people are just going to throw it out? Is it the principle of the matter? I gotta tell you, it's lost on most people.

All in all, one day we will trick or treat again, but for the moment:Give me chocolate-or give me death!

*Disclaimer: Please don't do either. I don't really care for chocolate, and I like living just fine thanks. ;)

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