Saturday, October 9, 2010


One of my favorite reads put up a short fiction writing the other day. Mommy of a Monster inspired me to take the plunge. This is the prologue to the novel I am writing. I have said time and again it is nothing like what I normally write, my goal is it leaves you wanting more.


She heard the foot falls and howling in the distance. Knowing she had moments before they were upon her she ran through a rolling creek highlighted by the full moon. As she reached the opposite bank her foot slid in the mud and she stumbled to the ground. Staring up at the full moon she whispered a prayer for strength.

She just needed a few more crucial minutes. If she could just get up, but her strength was spent. As the underbrush crackled and she smelled their musky scent, she knew it was too late. A shadow flowed into the shape of a man. His cruel handsome face smug with his victory looked down on her.

“Where is she, sister?” his voice cracked in the night air. His voice held a promise of violence yet to come. Demanding an answer, and an answer she would give.

“Somewhere you will never lay your hands on her”. Her voice hushed with the hope that she spoke the truth. She looked up at him and smiled serenely. “Never.”

“Then lets not draw this out.” he snarled with hatred. As he uttered his commands to his minions and walked away, his one thought was with the infant he hunted for. The death cries of his sister did little more than make him pause to make sure she had surrendered to eternal sleep. When sure she cried no more, his attention turned back to the quest at hand. He looked to the moon and whispered “Sleep well, little one. I will find you.”


  1. Wow...very dark. And I'm intrigued! You should keep going with it for sure. And thank you for the shout out.

    Somebody mentioned this to me yesterday & I signed up for should check it out!

  2. Thanks Natalie, I will check it out. I just wish I could figure out how to link your piece in. "The Window" was...moving.

  3. Yes, please, write more!!! Great teaser!!!


  4. Love it! Keep'em coming!

  5. Just you all wait! I've read a lot of it and am mad because I want more - and I don't even LIKE fantasy. Go figure.

  6. Hehehe Thanks Ms. Kathie. I have gotten a little further and have the end twist all ready and waiting. If I could type as fast as I think it would be finished already.

    Bere & Primo so glad you like it. Can't wait to have it done, personally. But I'm thrilled so many people like it.

  7. I really like it, Sheena! I'm ready to buy it :)--Amanda


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