Monday, October 4, 2010

a day in the life

As I open my eyes I smell freshly brewed coffee and hear bacon sizzling. The smoke detector hangs open, making me wonder what's already been burn cooking.

Rolling over I come face to face with Gypsy Rose, she darts out her pink tongue making contact with my nose. She whimpers and sticks her haunches in the air and her curly q tail wiggles in anticipation. A clear sign it is time to get up, seeing as how she won't let any one else in the house let her out.

I roll out of bed, and Gypsy lets out a warning yip, alerting the rest of the house to the good news-Mommy is awake. Before I can stand four sets of bright eyes stare at me from the door. "Good morning, Mama." they chorus.

I make my way to the kitchen to be greeted by my hubby. He hands me a cup of coffee, to strong and bitter but hey he tries. Then he turns the spatula over to me as I yawn and I take over the turning of already slightly charred bacon. Yummy.

As the breakfast is finished, and school begins, the kids are fully awake and rearing to go. I try and hold their attention on things as mundane as fractions and geography. No easy task with their father in the next room throwing out interesting tidbits he finds as he researches their next science project. He gets all the fun stuff.

As school ends we grapple with what to do with the rest of our day. Our list of chores stretches day to day. Do we clean the church? Help the grandparent? Or take a field trip? Oh let's not forget it's time to go check animals yet again. Three times a day just like us humans.

Wait it's Monday, don't forget cub scouts! Where did we but that popcorn sheet? What do you mean you need your uniform ironed? I told you to hang it up. Oh, alright give it to me.

Dinner, it's dinner time already I just woke up! Yes, I know you want a four course meal. No, I didn't know I was expected to make thirty cupcakes for tonight. Tonight? You knew last week, and wait until ten minutes before we leave to tell me? Well, Wal-Mart is on the way. Get in the van.

An hour later we head for home, the kids hyped up on sugar that I would never give them. We drag into the house. I start with the simple request, "Get ready for bed."
All of the sudden I realize I have yet to feed or water four children all day. At least that's what they make it sound like. I am told I promised a story, then this is revised to two stories. I tell them a story that goes something like this, "There once was four children that were suppose to be in bed, the end."

The protests grow louder. And then Daddy steps in with the look. Suddenly I am bombarded with hugs and kisses and all is quiet. We say prayers, and I fall exhausted onto the sofa. Look at my husband and smile. Only to see the sleepy child standing in the hall, she has misplaced her blanky.

We look through the bedrooms, living room, anywhere we can think of ,finally tell the upset child we will locate it in the morning. As I pull the covers up to tuck her in the missing blanky is located. The now placated child rolls up in her comfort, as I go to join the hubby on the sofa.

He's asleep. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

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