Friday, October 8, 2010


I gotta say I am trying really hard to not laugh out loud at my children today. It has been one of those days. Every time one of them opens their mouths, they make absolutely sincere observations that are absolutely hysterical.

First we have, Martin. As they were working on their math problems I called my cuz, who just had a baby. Bella proceeded to climb on top of a bucket, trying to climb onto a table, to reach the shelf with candy. I told her to get down, and then turned my attention back to my cousin. "See what happens in two years?" This is where Martin inserted, "Yeah, they get really annoying." Ummm, when did he separate himself from the rest of the pack? He is the main heathen, the ring leader.

When I got off the phone, we started into our science lesson. It's the skeletal system this week. We were discussing what the cranium is for. Somewhere along the lines I said something about how it protects your brain. Madison looked puzzled then said, "So not everyone has one since not everyone has brains." It took everything in me to explain that one. I managed not to laugh, but my eyes watered with the effort.

Bella's was more to the point. We were all doing scientific observations and comparing our hypothesis about the chicken bones and vinegar. I got the bright idea to show them the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. Doing this at the school table with out preparing, so ya know it might have made a mess. Bella looked at me and said "Momma make mess, that no no. Go time out, after you clean up YOUR mess." Hmmm, maybe I say that one to often.

With kids like these who needs a t.v.-ME!!! I do. Don't take my t.v. its my adult time. Now I must go sit in the corner and finish my time out.


  1. I could read posts about what kids say all day. I really could. They are the wisest, funniest, most honest little beings. Whose necks you really want to ring sometimes.

  2. Amen, to that. I keep cracking up with them today, and then wonder where they got some of these ideas.


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