Monday, October 18, 2010

the bright side

Stinky Cheese Man! It's been one of those days. Heck it's been one of those weeks. But I chose to look on the bright side, at least after I rant to my mama and get the anger out. So here's some of the funny things I have taken from the awful day.

On the way to the courthouse, I got pulled over. In the middle of the local college. Lots of "kids" on their way to class. One was so involved with watching the cop he didn't notice his baggy pants needed hitched. As he stepped off the curb, they fell down, then he fell down.

Okay, so that might be mean, but hey it made me laugh, which I really needed. Then on the plus side, I got off with a warning on almost everything. And as I drove off I got to imagine playing hit the pedestrian for a hundred points. There was plenty of idiotic kids just walking out in front of cars, so I read the blood in other drivers eyes too.

Then I got to see the bailiff tackle another court participant. He was rather irate that they would dare to set a judgement against his elderly mother. He was all of seventy himself. And the nursing home they had removed her from was the plaintiff.

Once again, this also might be seen as mean. But come on a seventy year old with a cane brandishing it at an attorney and a wiry little bailiff. And he was using all kinds of mumbled oaths, it was hard not to laugh. The bailiff had to grab his arms and the old man stepped on his foot. Come on who wouldn't be a little amused.

Then my friend who was watching my kids told me that we had scratched a blu ray dvd. So now I have to replace it probably, but then we own Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. And I know places that will buff it out and it will be good as new. My kids loved this movie, and so do I.

So let's see, one ticket, one judgement, and one scratch. I think the old man and his cane was enough to balance out all three. With the doofus and his baggy pants a close second. So remember to look on the bright side ya'all, it's there you just gotta look.

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