Friday, October 1, 2010

the zoo examined

Well, yesterday it was brought to my attention I had never talked about Zues. Yes, I realize it is usually spelled Zeus, but his papers say Zues. Not that he can read. But I figured that today I would give you all a rundown of all our babies, furry or otherwise.

This is Zues. Affectionately called old man, or Zuesy. He is a master of escape. He uses these powers for any female within a hundred mile radius. Which is why he is the only one of our animals not allowed free rein-puppy support is expensive.

You guys have heard me talk about D well the next picture is slightly graphic so you might want to skip it.

This is from the day we brought him home. Poor baby, he weighed all of twenty three pounds. You wouldn't recognize him now a days of course. His fur has grown back out, as well as gained about sixty pounds. (That happens when you feed an animal.)
Not to mention he found his best friend.

Of course we can not forget the queen of the house. No, I don't mean me-Gypsy Rose of course.Photobucket


Now onto the babies of the nonfurry variety.
Oldest first. This is Martin. Photobucket Oh, that's his furry baby-Buck Blaster.
We're so country our animals think they're cowboys.


Then of course there is my Madison.
She had her wonderful Princess.
Then there is her Jewels. If you look closely the little white head peeking out next to her is her cat.Photobucket


Now we are to Degan.
He's isn't five yet so he hasn't got his own furbaby. But he does share in the ownership of D.
Photobucket He's always on the move doing something so I don't have tons of pics of him that aren't blurry.


That leaves Bella. The one that uses her halo to hide her horns. Photobucket
This is my favorite pic of her. Photobucket


That just leaves Honeybear. You've already seen him on the toilet (in the field people-on my bday... Our prank. Minds out of the gutter.)
Photobucket That's Tank with him. He had passed from seizures, poor baby. Honeybear loved him. He was another of our rescues.

Here's our only other furbaby. Photobucket At Christmas he wears a Santa hat. The kids pet him, and he is very much a member of the family. So take that pita. lol.

Hopefully this will give everyone a better idea of who I talk about.

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