Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another change of pace

Well, our life has taken another turn. Hopefully for the better. Honeybear and Madison have been put on a gluten-free diet. Let me tell ya, that's fun to figure out.
Yesterday I made a supposed gluten-free recipe. Four bites in both got really sick. Fun, fun, fun.

After hours of research, and I do literally mean hours, I found the culprit! My seasoning salt. Seriously? You have to add wheat as a filler to salt? So I start going through my seasonings, HALF had wheat fillers. Does anyone understand why we would need wheat added to salt? If you figure this out, let me know.

While this did give us an chance to teach new vocabulary words. We taught the words gluten and wheat to the kids. They already can read free. Let me tell ya, when we got to the store they found plenty that said "wheat". Gluten-free on the other hand is scarce and far between.

Degan was so proud when he found them some syrup. I don't think they were quite as appreciative-glue just isn't that appetizing of an option. I was getting so frustrated I tried to convince them it was at least worth a try. They weren't open to the possibilities. *sigh

On another note...I am sorry this week hasn't been my best for blogging. This weekend was extremely busy, with church and all. Since I made them sick, I didn't get much sleep either. I will try and make it more interesting tomorrow.

Just don't leave me-I'm needy.

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