Friday, November 1, 2013

Martin in the Spotlight

  My oldest wrote part of a story in class yesterday. He asked if I would put it up for all the world to read. (I don't think he understands how unfamous I am.) But in his words who cares cause he's going to be famous enough for the both of us.


Super duck is about a duck that got his powers by a magic well. Let me tell the story, okay enough jibber jabber. It starts on an island called 123 (oddly enough shaped like the number 4) and there lived two best friends a duck called Duckler and a mouse called Shaperowe. Now that you have met those two let's get to the time where Duckler was making a meal (completely out of coconuts.)

Out of coconuts? Well, they had been shipwrecked on 123 for awhile. The fact is 123 is not a true island. It is a giant floating junkyard. Started with one ship called Collision (named after the captains lady love) hit a small pebble that a seagull had dropped after having mistaking it for a crab. Unbelievably the small pebble generated so much power it went through all the decks. And Collision slowly sunk halfway below the surface.

It wouldn't be a problem except for the storm that caused the lightning that struck the seagull that made it drop the pebble. As the storm moved it created the fog that covered the Collision. And then the other ships didn't see it and 123 slowly floated and built itself off the wrecked ships that came to close to the storm.

Obviously this isn't the end but I have to correct and help him transition the next scene. He's really very talented. But him dictating changes to me is impossible to comprehend he talks to fast and isn't clear. The writing might be riddled with misspellings but it's clever and precise in idea.

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