Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homestead Homesick

 Guys I know it's been a while but honestly I just haven't thought of anything to say. Being in town has changed our lives so much. I think of things but their really not the same here. Our bubble has burst so to speak.

   But as the kids and I sit here doing our schoolwork and trying to find ways to keep our same old attitude. (Ya really not going so well.) But now I am inspired. We might look like a bunch of nuts, see some things never change, but I'll figure out how to keep our happy happy happy life outlook. (See what I did there, hillbillies, duck dynasty. Ya I'm a genius.) 

   It's really quite simple. I just have to start the glad game again. You know where you look for something to be glad about in every situation. For example, the house next door is the biggest in town, also the ugliest. We can be glad our home looks twice as good next to it. I have to watch the neighborhood kids suck face almost daily. So so glad my kids still find that disgusting.

   In all honesty Madison has made a couple of really great friends. (Can't say I like their parents. Okay I like most the parents.) The fact that she only has to go next door and there's a gaggle of giggling girls running around in between three yards is pretty cool. (See that glad came easily. If you practice it does get easier.)

   I sure hope it gets easier for real. Right now I just miss our homestead. 


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