Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Igors and Knights

         Floggers Toggers Ugly Froggers! That was how today's adventure started. Hold up that's not true. It actually started with reading time. Yesterday they all got new library books. Bella found one she has always loved Alice the Fairy. As the older three did independent reading Bella and I read through her book after which she sat beside me reading it.

       Then it was a short break that turned into an amazing adventure. While I was helping Madison I hear the magic words. Looking up we see Martin being bopped in the nose with a pencil and that Bella has set up a fairy lab. (She wants to be a permanent fairy.) Within a few minutes Madison is sitting next to Bella in the lab giving her pointers on wand technique and pronunciation importance (goodness forbid you accidentally end up turning your brother into a lima bean instead of lama.)

       Somewhere in the midst of turning her brothers ugly (Madison's response is, "Bella you really think an ugly spell is necessary? I think they got it covered.") Bella went from a fairy to a witch. Not sure when it happened all I know is she ended up with an igor (Martin,) a wicked shopkeeper (Degan,) and a spy sabotaging her behind her back (otherwise known as Madison.)

       Somehow as I sat at the table I became the magical information desk. Soon they were bidding dead man's toes and dragon tongue for the many useful ingredients needed in an all important and top secret potion.

       "Mwhahahhahahhahhaha" rang out from a high pitched squeaky little witch. "I have completed it. My master piece! Mwhahahahaha!" I don't know bout y'all but when a midget five year old starts looking and sounding like that your best bet is to hide.

      I asked her what was in this master piece and she looked at me oh so seriously and said, " NO! It's a secret and it's mine. ALL MINE!!"

      Right about the time the words left her mouth her two igors rebel (Degan is now one as well, in trade for dragon tongue pizza I believe.) They grab her and wrestle her to the ground and take her potion. They sit on her and take drinks in turn. Bella cries out ," NO!!! MY READING POTION!!! NO FAIR YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO READ!!"

      Where as the igors realizing the error of their ways helps the evil witch up and gives her the last drop of potion and are transformed into knights. Bella said there wasn't enough potion to really make her read but she thinks it put a few words in her head. And Madison sits on the sofa petting her cat saying "I'll get you my pretty and your little knights too."

     I don't know about y'all but I can't wait till their next installment. Tell next time y'all.

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