Friday, September 27, 2013

Can of Worms

I found this post in my drafts. It is at least three years old and probably written on a spur of aggravation which I don't always post. But I liked it so much I am sharing it now. I must have gotten a lot older and wiser in the last three years.( On second thought I think my level of tolerance for other parents might have just gone down.) Lol.

      Many parents are finding out that a pat on the back helps develop character - if given often enough, early enough, and low enough. Author Unknown. Yes, I'm opening a can of worms. Deal with it.

Yesterday a mother in the store was appalled with me. (Why is it always me? Is it the age? or the number of kids?) A complete stranger felt the need to grab my arm and tell me it was best to do that behind closed doors. Ummmm....I'm fairly certain an hour from now or even a minute from now my two year old isn't going to remember why she is in trouble. Not that it's her business.

Why was she so appalled? I dare give my two year old a swat for throwing a screaming, kicking, biting fit in the middle of the store. Why was this angelic child throwing a fit? I took the mushrooms she was bruising away from her. I happily handed her a bottle of tea, and she threw it and started screaming.

That girl is so strong-willed. I dread her being a teenager. I picture a fifteen year old walking in with a fresh nose ring, and a guy whose hair covers his face with pants down to his knees. Lord help me. So I do what every parent does, I try my very best to teach her control, and self awareness. I'm failing miserably some days. Other days I feel like I am winning the war.

Only time will tell for sure. But why is it people constantly feel the need to interfere in my parenting? I homeschool, I swat on occasion, I make them do chores. Horrible has all that is. And to think we bake, we read stories, we do nature hikes, we cuddle, we stay up all night when the night terrors are bad. I don't know, with that list is it any wonder people fear for my children. (To bad there isn't a sarcastic font)

Do we all parent the same way? Heck no. Do I parent all four of my children in the same fashion? Heck no, like that would even work. So my two year old gets a swat, okay. My six year old gets a dirty look, and absolutely falls apart. My boys? We won't even go into some of the inventive techniques for those heathens. Does swatting make me any less of a parent than those that don't? Personally I think the parent that never ever has to discipline their child, isn't a parent.

I say that because there is a message here. To each their own, leave people alone.

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