Monday, September 23, 2013

Honeybear Problem Solving

     Once again Honeybear has managed to throw people off. I really believe our neighbors question our sanity. I say our because obviously I married him. They aren't even slick about their obvious amazement. I counted two at a window, three in a garage doorway, and two standing in the middle of the road watching with mouths open.

     Let me back up and set up the scene. Our new house has a driveway light, one of which that hasn't worked since we moved in. Honeybear got out of our truck and stepped on Bella's mislaid bike. Cursing might have occurred but since I was not present there is no guarantee.

      All I know is the kids come running in the next afternoon Daddy is up to something. Great.....I wipe my hands and walk outside. Honeybear comes out of the garage carrying...a ladder. Ha gotcha. This is my hillbilly sweetheart. He was carrying his climbing stand. (A climbing stand goes around a tree and with some maneuvering it slowly is worked up the trees to hunt from.)

       I obviously don't put two and two together and ask dumbly what he is doing. He just grins and starts putting it around the rickety and decrepit light pole. Oh no he isn't right? That thing is barely a foot in diameter. But alas he is. And that's when heads started peeking out.

      After he got the blown bulb out and came back down the neighbor kids took turns sitting in the stand. Parents turned away and everything went back to normal...except in the neighbors heads I'm sure. 

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