Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Immature Adults

    WARNING: A made up disease is mentioned at the end and might be found graphic. But no worries no one was harmed cause it is fake.

   Have I mentioned that my kids have new friends? I thought so. But today is not about kids. Shocker I know. Today is about Leigh's mama. Leigh and family moved to our sleepy little hamlet a month after we did. They are self proclaimed "city folk straight up from the hood".  I love Leigh. I love her sister. And I tolerate their brother. (You get Martin and Gingy together you would only tolerate them too.) But I love and adore their mama.

      Why? Why would a woman I barely know have my devotion so quickly? Well, for one she's a strict mama. (Part of the reason I love her kids.) For another she is of the same philosophy that while our kids are not angels, take their side till we have reason to not. And that last statement is what cemented our friendship.

      It doesn't really have to do with us defending our broods from offensive gestures or languages. Or standing together against an immature corrupting influence. It has to do with what happen after the confrontation.

      As we walk back from the site of detonation we are very quiet. That is till we get to my front porch. And as we chat about how corrupt the world has become and our ideas of raising kids in this world our kids come around the block on their bikes. Of course this is with purpose. They stop to tell us two of the neighborhood kids are making out on the church steps. We shoo them away with the advice stay away from the teenagers.

       But now a new topic has been introduced...sexuality today. Of course as parents of young children we start discussing this. And she gives me the most awesome saying she tells her fifteen year old. "There is no cure for herpitisis sypillitis of the throat." I spit tea everywhere and ask her to repeat that. And now all six adults are rolling in the grass giggling. So remember bad choices stay, there is no cure for herpitisis sypillitis of the throat.  

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