Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mother's curse

     I got an urgent text today. My mother..."Sheena...please blog." Yes mama. I will get on that. Teaching your grandchildren, but I will do that after I am done. Couple hours later another text comes in. My mother again. "Still waiting...." At the in laws for Honeybear's birthday let me get home and I will do it. "ooo okay"
I notice as I make her wait the message gets shorter and capitalization and the punctuation goes bye bye.
By the time I get this up I am likely to get this "gr".

      At least at this point her communication skills will be so lacking and she'll be so put out I won't get a lecture right? Nah it will probably just transfer to my daddy being the one to "talk some sense into me". Lol.
Everyone knows what I am talking about. Everyone has that moment. You have annoyed the calm parent to the point they turn it over to the stern one. You are now assuming the position. Puppy eyes cast to the floor, shoulders slumped in contrition.

      At this point you are casting dubious glances upwards to see just how bad it is. If you see arms crossed and leaning against a counter nonchalantly RRRUUUNNNNN! You are so busted. If you see a twinkle and non crossed arms you might survive.

      My brother was a master of getting out of either situation. His magic key? Make mom laugh. He could accidentally detonate an atom bomb but if he made mom giggle he was good. Me? Mehhh not so lucky. Usually cause I would not admit defeat. But hey come on points for gumption right? And what was that curse bestowed on me by my mother...."Just wait someday you'll see. You'll have a kid just like you." I must have been horrible. Karma didn't give me one it gave me four!!! 

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