Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Men's Oblivious Good Intentions

  Hinder's Lips of an angel

  Today it's all about Honeybear. I love my husband. I ADORE my husband. Sometimes though I just laugh at my husband. He has the best of intentions, but oh my what can happen when he's oblivious.

     Why am I saying this? Well ,of course, most woman would say the same thing. The two sexes think in different ways. But the newest proof all started with a cell phone. My hubby has had his cell phone for a year and a half. And until Friday he had ringtones set for everyone important...except me.

     As we set on the front porch with two neighbors I was fiddling with my laptop. I had put in a cd to burn to my library-Hinder to be exact. The song Lips of an Angel came on and Honeybear looks at me and says, "Hey, I should make this your ringtone."

    Me and my girlfriend both bust up laughing. Honeybear and his buddy exchange the GUY LOOK. You can tell they really don't want to know. And Honeybear starts typing on his phone. Fearful he was looking through his ringtone app for the song I asked him. His reply, "Not now!"

     I laugh and ask him if he knows why. Of course he doesn't get it even with the song on a loop play on my laptop. I say Honeybear, LISTEN to the lyrics. Third time on I pause it and say word for word the lyrics. Light bulb moment! He gets this shocked look and goes, "That song is about an old girlfriend." Yes honey that song is about an ex. Thank you for not putting it on me. Lol.

      After that what ringtone did I get? None. Now he is scared too. Oh well it is the thought that counts. My hubby thinks I am an angel.  My daddy always said so to. He even had a cute little saying. "Sheena your horns are holding up your halo." Tell next time y'all.

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