Friday, January 17, 2014

trapping the children

    So not only is Honeybear the principal he sometimes takes on the role of student too. No, I don't make him sit in class or write sentences for misbehavior... but now that you mention it. No. No. It wouldn't work his handwriting will always look like a chicken was scratching at the paper.

    Okay back on point forget my shiny moment. As I was saying sometimes he becomes his children's student. This gives them a great way to really learn and comprehend what I've been teaching them. It also serves me with a purpose...revenge. Look at today's lesson with their daddy and you will understand why.

Madison: Okay today we are goin' to talk about crust and core.

Honeybear: I don't mind the crust on my sandwiches.

Martin: No dad. Like Earth.

Honeybear: Of course I like Earth I'm a human.

Degan: NO! Layers of Earth.

Honeybear: You found Batman's lair?! Awesome.

Martin: (hand to his forehead) No. We mean like the mantle that moves-

Honeybear: Pappaw has two mantles and they don't move.

Madison: Daddy! Pay attention.

Honeybear: Why?

Madison: You won't learn if you don't.

(CRASH! That's the sound of the trap closing that Honeybear just set.)

Honeybear: Really? But I watched you yesterday and it didn't seem like you were.

(Dead silence as they realized they have just been caught in the principal's snare. Mwhahahahahaha.)

     At this point they all look wide eyed and stumped. Honeybear gives them their warning and the lesson continues. Martin and Madison grab their white boards and draw a diagram. As they hold it up and start talking Honeybear interrupts with "What's an egg frying got to do with Earth?" Okay so their diagrams did kinda look like eggs but they completely disagreed.

    Degan saved the day his explanation was great. "Dad, you're absolutely right. It does look like an egg and it's kinda like a fried egg. The yolk is liquid and hot like the core. The white is like the mantle semi solid but still sloshy. And the pan holding it in is the crust."

    The lesson went on as they tend to. But I was proud my youngest had such a grasp of the material and saw such an astute connection to explain to his dad.
Tomorrow should be interesting they're suppose to teach him about forces that refigure the Earth. Hmmmm if Honeybear was teaching I might worry he'd go all Animal House on them and show them a volcano with whip cream or something in his mouth and show them what happens when forces is exerted to it.

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