Monday, June 28, 2010

mops and messes

Remember the comment yesterday about our daughter vomiting profusely? Well, my lovely daughter enjoys sharing-now her baby brother is sick. And he is not as good a shot as his sister. Ugh!

So far we've hosed out the truck, his first crime scene. The sofa and floor next to it. Double ugh! And of course the bathroom. Now this is all in a days work for a mom, right? What complicates the situation is mommy's little helper, Bella 2. She loves my wet jet mopper and uses every chance to spray and mop. Which normally isn't a problem, except today she went running and slid through the mess.

Talk about screaming! Me hollering at Bella to hold on and Degan to relax. Bella screaming bloody murder in the bathroom, Madison hollering to let me know what was happening in the living room. Trying to figure out how to be two places at once (which doesn't work no matter how hard you try). Utter chaos reigned! My darling Honeybear chose that moment to walk in, the look on his face! Finally everyone was cleaned up and calmed down.

Then it was feeding time for our creepy crawlies. Honeybear decided it was time for the next step up in baby mice, jumpers. For those who don't have their own creepy crawlies, there are levels of mice: pinkies (newborns & naked), fuzzy (fuzzy), and jumpers (not quite full grown). We got our first jumpers and found out how they were so named. After putting Slither and Powder (our two juvenile corn snakes) into their feeding cages, Honeybear opens the mice box- and out leaps this little spotted mouse.

Madison and Degan scream, Honeybear stoops down and tries to catch him. The jumper skurries under the sofa. Honeybear lifts the sofa, I look, try to grab him. Not about to become snake food, the jumper heads for Martin(our oldest). Martin tries to catch him, bumps into his daddy's legs- who in turns almost drops the sofa on my head! Madison sees the mouse, gets hysterical and runs to the front door. As she runs screaming into the yard, the jumper senses freedom and follows suit.

Took twenty minutes to convince Madison to come back in. Anyone else want to tell me being a stay at home mom isn't as exciting as a "real" job? This was my day and its only two thirds of the way through!

If you don't like snakes don't look at the pic (if its not to late) can someone please tell me why my pictures are huge no matter what I do?!


  1. Hmmm...not sure why pictures are so big. It must have something to do with the particular blog profile. Anyway, love your musings - you are too funny!

  2. Hmmm.....I fiddled with it for an hour trying to get them smaller. Have to take a trip down to Mama's, the computer whiz. And thanks for the compliment Ms. Kathy.


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