Sunday, June 27, 2010

joys of the morning

Oh yes-I am one of those despicable people that wake up ready for the day...usually. This morning was not one of those mornings however. I woke up to the sound of the first summer thunderstorm rolling through, not the problem. Gypsy Rose, my faithful pug, was jumping on me signaling the need for her morning romp, not the problem. 3 of the kids were up eating yogurts while our oldest girl (Madison 5) was laying in bed after vomiting profusely, still not the problem. The problem being that the kids' dogs had decided to counter surf at our island bar that was growing half potatoes into plants.

This means we have 6 sweet potatos cut in half, with toothpicks holding about an inch of potato in water. Not all were sprouting, although we have some that are doing quite well. They ,however, knocked over 2 that we had decided to throwout if they did not sprout by tomorrow. Big mistake! Apparently those two were rotting from the inside under the water. Oh the horrific odor, its quite nauseating. Even cleaning up the mess and spraying ferbreeze will not make it go away.

I have decided we can pack up and move. Instead of trying to wait for that odor to vacate the premises.
Darn! My hubby says moving won't work (see what I mean about early training). Gotta go mix up some acid to eat the floor away were it spilt, blog ya later.

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