Sunday, June 27, 2010

so excited

I have my first reader! And it wasn't even Mama! Although I love my Mama. It was the one who fiinally convinced me to write for more than my kids (hey they're the easiest critics to please). Thank you Ms. Kathy Truitt. She also requested one thing so here it is (I hope) a picture of Cupid... she's about to molt so she's not as bright as normal.
My kids are now dancing around singing "Mamas an author" (once again remember they're easy critics). Anyone ever ask you "Are those all yours?" I have discovered the easiest way to handle this is one of two answers. 1) wanna see my stretch marks? 2) oh no the other 10 are at home. Why is it so hard to believe that a dark haired woman can have two strawberry blondes? The other 2 are brunettes. Then we run into people Martin knew growing up they look at the kids and go "those all yours" I love his answer "hmmm if they aren't she's got some explaining to do." People trust me they're ours we wouldn't be broke if they weren't . Oh well I can always claim temporay insanity. (Although most who know me would claim its permanent)

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  1. Ugh....scary. However spiders and snakes do fascinate me for some wierd reason. Now how 'bout a picture of the snakes?


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