Saturday, December 4, 2010


There's a great debate goin' on here, it will continue for years to come. What could possibly be so controversial? The best Christmas movie. We all have very different tastes so this gets to be quite the argument when it's time for a new movie to be popped in.

Let's see Honeybear's fave is actually a toss up; Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. It's not uncommon to hear the kids pop up with "You'll shoot your eye out kid." This gets us weird looks but hey whatya goin' to do. Personally the most important part is when he says a naughty word and blames it on his friend. We all know we slip once in a while as adults but think we could never be the ones to teach them those things. (Yeah right. Hey mom, dad, you feel bad lookin' back? Yeah well you should.)

Martin's fave is supposedly the Polar Express. I beg to differ seeing as how each and every one of these kids can quote Jim Carrey's rendition of the Grinch word for word and line for line. I swear I am tempted to make that movie disappear and they've only watched it once so far this year. Can't remember yesterday's history but they can quote a movie they haven't seen in months!

Madison's fave is more a character than a movie itself. She loves all the movies equally I would say. But is there anyone as fashionable as Martin Short playin' Jack Frost? I don't think so, at least accordin' to Madison. She loves him.

Degan favors any and all "manly" Christmas movies. These include the Grinch, Polar Express, Christmas Carol, and Ruldoph. He says they all got men gettin stuff done. *rolls eyes Anyone want to tell the boy he's five?!

Bella? She just takes advantage of the arguin' to take more than her fair share of popcorn and treats that are a staple this time of year. Although she loves the Grinch too.

So what's your favorite Christmas movie?

And what do you think is mine? I'll give you a hint, He's makin a list and checkin it twice BANG BANG.

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