Sunday, December 26, 2010

so very sorry

I love my blog dearly. But recently I'm sure you noticed I have been unusually silent. It may be a couple more months of silence guys. I have four, children two with very weak immune systems. Don't think I am gone forever but it will be February probably before I can write regularly or even at all. I apologize but with homeschooling and other responsibilities it is impossible for me to write as well. Please bear with me, and don't lose faith.


  1. Will miss you Sheena, but hope everything goes well with you!

  2. Sheena, I have been there myself very recently.

    Take a break! When you come back you will be so happy to have all your bloggy buddies again.

    Until then, we'll miss you!

    Happy 2011

  3. Taking care of your family is always the most important - you have a lifetime to write. Just jot down a few snippets as they come to you and I suspect you'll have plenty of fodder for a whole series of articles. Love ya!


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