Thursday, December 2, 2010

wally world weirdos

Today we ran to Wally world. And once again we met one of those odd people that makes me wonder "Why me?" People when did we stop trying? I mean honestly! I am no peach by any means. But I draw the line at leaving the house in fleece with kid pleasing characters all over them. Peep Show

Okay so I may not do my make up every day. And I really don't have a great wardrobe. But I don't embarrass my children by stealing their pjs to wear to town either. It frightens me every time we go to Wal-Mart cause I know there's goin' to be that weirdo that has to go shopping right when I do.

If it isn't some one with a slight megalomaniac streak seeking attention, it's the parents that make you wonder why their isn't an IQ requirement to reproduce. You know who I'm talkin' about. They have their kids on the leashes with the pacifier and diapers and nothing else on. When you pass them you wonder what a thirteen year old is doing in the diaper, forget the other stuff. If the kid can walk and talk and throw a fit it is time to start disciplinin'.

And ladies I know the celebs do it but honestly no one and I mean NOT ONE PERSON on this planet wants to see your big old belly. It isn't cute, it isn't cuddly. It's skin stretched beyond the normal means. Stretch marks are all well and good and come with the territory, but we don't want a front row view to the makin' of yours.

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