Wednesday, August 25, 2010

busy time of the year

I apologize for my lax blogging once again. With internet that works, I am still posting sporadically. (Ha bet you didn't think a hillbilly knew a big word like that.)But as with everyone who has childern this is a very busy time of year. Not that they are getting ready for school (that would be my job.) But bear with my ramblings, I have so many irons in the fire so my mind wanders.

I have already told you the last time all the things we're preparing outside-but life in general has been busy around here. For one Madison has been very trying. Her beloved boxer,Princess passed from old age. We however chose not to tell our delicate child the truth and told her she ran away. She has been insistent that we stay outside and walk the property to make sure she can find her way home. (Yes Madison knows the facts of life, she is just way to sensitive to deal with this at a tender age.)

The other issue around here is Scout, the pig. He is now about 60 lbs give or take and has started pulling an escape act on a daily basis. So we have been trying to fix his pen so he can't escape-without success. Did I mention he lost his doggy devotion. Apparently his desire to be a free range ham trumps us giving him food and treats.

This of course is also reeking havoc on the garden-which is becoming quite the mess. There are so many tasty treats for a pig-which is why we humans like them too.
I don't mind sharing but if your going to eat a tomato don't take a bite and move to the next. Or wallow in the middle of the pumpkin patch. *rolls eyes*

Now the outside is in havoc-what about the inside you ask. *sigh* Just as bad I'm afraid. The kids are back in the full swing of school. We are studying the body systems, the wars (revolutionary, and civil), and the history around them, along with the basics. We spend hours everyday reading interesting facts, watching a pbs show on something, and visiting other homeschooling families to plan feild trips. This is the best time of the year for homeschoolers to take feild trips. There are all kinds of discounts at very interesting places, and even special homeschooling days.

None of this is the cause of the havoc inside exactly. Indirectly at best. The boys do play war often, while the girls pretend to be the people having a picnic and watching the battles. (To proper to actually join in the blood shed-most the time.)But the real havoc is from the body systems, we are building a human. Bwh haha! And the glue and paint and paper is constantly strung about. Trying to control a two year old in the middle of this is...interesting.

Some people think teaching the kids the digestive system was inappropriate at their ages. Because were do the funniest involuntary body functions come from? I say why not take the funny away from burping, farting, and vomiting. Teach them that everyone does it and no one can stop it and its no longer funny or embarrassing. Um...I was a tad bit wrong. Now they explain to everyone why they just did whatever they did. Which is more embarrassing to me then if they were uncouth heathens.

I know I have wandered from subject to subject today. But that seems to be the way things are working around here. I will try to keep you updated, just as soon as my mind wanders back to me. If you find it could you email it back please.

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  1. I don't post every single day but I do ready you every single day. You really are funny - and don't worry about lackadaisical posting - you'll find that August is pretty much the slowest month of the year for writers. Love ya!!


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