Friday, August 27, 2010

demolition of tradition

No soap boxes-well not much anyways. Just some interesting observation on sitcoms and their affects on family life and the way kids look at parents. Now if I pick on one of your favorites-deal with it. Just kidding, my goal is never to offend-just to amuse. So here is my take on sitcoms.

According to Jim- The man is played true to life. There is no question that every man has a little Jim in them. The die hard football fan, burping, hard working man of the house. Even the jabs at the in-laws seem true to life. But come on what woman after having five kids looks like Cherrel? If she was true to life after the twins she would have been a good 40 lbs. heavier for at least a few months. Heck no those twins popped out and she was ready for the size 0 jeans again. And what about Andy? Would a man like Jim really put up with a sissy like that? Doubtful. And do we really compete as man and wife the way Jim and Cherrel do? Okay that's real to life.

What about King of Queens? What man in their right mind thinks having either one of your parents in your home is a good idea? And why would he marry such a witch? Okay she looks good, that lasts for the first three dates tops. No man wants his faults pointed out daily. Nor will they stick around for years to take the abuse from not only you but your father. Arthur on the other hand seems like the typical crazy in-law. Gotta love a sixty year old toddler.

Then there's Two and a Half Men. Can any thirteen year old boy be that dumb? Sure he's funny, but is it really that funny if that's what that generation is really coming to. And how many Charlies are there in this world? Maybe I'm just odd, but if a man old enough to be my dad hit on me...Well I'd just have a hard time keeping a straight face. Do we really wallow in our close family members misery? Okay there again when my brother slips on a banana peel I laugh first then push him down again. (Hey he is my older brother.)

Then there's my all time favorite-Everybody Loves Raymond. This show has everything. The obnoxious in-laws, the sibling rivalry, the true to life housewife, and the oblivious husband. The husband that is still the king of the castle-when is wife lets him. Why is it that on sitcoms men are dumber than a box of rocks. And the wife never hesitates to let him know it. I doubt I would still be married if I acted in this fashion to my hubby. But they do capture the everyday situations that everyone can relate to. They are just a little to citified for me. Why isn't there just a down home blue collar sitcom?

Now by now your wondering what is the deal today? Well it started out innocent enough. We were outside in the garden. When Honeybear said something along the lines about getting a new truck. When Martin looks up and goes "You didn't ask Mom. You know she runs the house." I look at Honeybear he looks at me and we start laughing. When it all came out after we talked to him, he got the idea from According to Jim. Apparently Jim bought something stupid and Cherrel and him argued the whole episode till Jim was proven wrong. And then had to say something stupid in front of everyone. To which the woman all danced around chanting and teasing him.

Now all you men out there know whose really in charge? Right, right? King of the castle, he who wears the pants in the family, man of the house. That's what the man is. Now all you woman standing behind them smiling-don't forget to lay out the pants for them to wear.


  1. I wasn't trying to be preachy or anything it just annoys me that if your old fashion then your some how morons. 30 years ago we were the norm, now we're the outcasts. Can't we all just get along? lol

  2. I hated King of Queens because the way she treated him. And I hate the way the mother-in-law on Everybody Loves Raymond treats Debra. And Two and a Half Man is just disgusting to me. Yuk.


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