Sunday, August 15, 2010

a week of vacation

Earlier this week I dropped the kids of for their summer week with their grandparents. A whole week of peace right? Ha! I haven't been this busy since we brought home Bella. The entire week was spent running everywhere-kind of like chopping Ozzie's head off. Blindly running and hitting walls then turning a different direction.

The first day was spent helping my girlfriend ,who is for the first time a SAH mom, bake a pie. Much of the conversation consisted of "Hey Ro, check the pie." Her reply was always "What am I checking for?" To which I would then get up and check the pie. Guess what it was always on the middle shelf-cooking. Imagine that!

The next day was grocery shopping day. All I got to say is my family loves food-all six of them. A normal trip takes at least three hours and that many stores. I am fanatical about getting the best deal. My mothers say, "In other words your cheap cheap cheap." Wonder where I learned that? But that wasn't the end of my day.

I then loaded up all my homeschooling planners and materials. Kim offered to help me with my lesson planning and objectives. (Remember I am still new at this.) Two moms who swear they only have an hour-which then turns into about two. And we still had more conversations the next two days to tweek.

After that I still wasn't done. Oh no. I got the bright idea to spend the night in the employee's lounge at Honeybear's work. That way I could sleep next to him once as long as we wanted without the kids home. (He works nights, and his days off weren't while the kids were home.) So I packed him and my mother-in-law lunch and took it to them. What an adventure that turned out to be! Apparently to make it through the night all of the night shift act like big kids. Add to this I'm hand doing the kids' worksheets on the digestive system. Lets just say that poop was brought up more than once. Adults my foot!

Now I sit here at Mama and Daddy's after a wonderful day of church and food. We're leaving in the morning. I can't wait for my relaxing life to start back up. Maybe I can get the laundry done!

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