Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a winner for july

I'm sorry everyone, I have been extremely busy. (I know your thinking isn't everyone, and I took the time to come see your blog.) But I do have the raffle winner to announce. Congrats sunny bunny april! Your the raffle winner this month. If it wasn't you this month maybe you'll be the winner in the next month. The prize will be a signed copy of Kathie Truitt's new book "False Victim".

This book is her first release, and is absolutely a page turner. I am very proud to say she is a close friend of Mama and Daddy's. And a true inspiration to me. Anyone who can't wait for the raffle to buy this book will not be disappointed. Even more enthralling is that the story is all TRUE!

It is the story of a woman who thinks that the move to their dream house is perfect. Until the woman that lives behind her becomes obsessed with first becoming her, then trying to destroy her. I suggest having nothing planned if you pick up this book. It is absolutely impossible to put down!

Congrats Ms. Kathie on today's release! May God bless you and your family.

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  1. YAY i'm super excited, I was gonna go to barnes and noble and get a good one to take on the flight over to hawaii looks like this will be my new read. Thanks a bunch


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