Wednesday, August 18, 2010

welcome to the computer age

I have internet on a computer! This is the most exciting thing to happen around here since we brought home the bluray dvd player. Sad right? The worst part being we have a total of three blurays, nevermind the hundred normal dvds.

I know this is probably odd to all you tech savy people out there-but I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll finally figure out how to make my pictures come out the right size. Right now I can barely play a facebook game. I was so born in the wrong century.

I still have only figured out how to play dvds on the bluray player. No clue as to why there's like three different menu screens. Nor do I know how to set the time or make the internet work on it. I know some how some way with the dsl I can get internet on the wii and bluray player. But knowing it and knowing how to do it is two totally different things.

Once again there is something worse than the last revelations. Here's the worse part yet- I'm the most tech savy one in the family. Honeybear's colorblind so it is always left to me to connect the wires to their color cordinated spots when new equipment arrives. Give the man a motor and he'll tear it apart in his sleep and put it back together, give him a bunch of wires and he hands them to me.

Well its time for me to feed the mob. So if you see this post let me know, and if you don't-send me a message too. ;)

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