Wednesday, August 4, 2010

to eat or not to eat

This is the story of one of my girlfriend's reaction to pics of Ozzie. Now before I go further cause I'm going to be picking on her I have to say: Britty Bacon I love you. You see Britty has been my friend since the sixth grade. We practically lived with each other until senior year (enter Honeybear-followed quickly by Martin.)

Britty watched me show both lamb and steer in 4H and FFA. She came over and fed and petted these animals. She would then come over the next week for dinner (if I need to spell it out dinner was the previous recipients of petting.) I give you this background to say Britty is now a "vegetarian".

I put that in quotes because I'm still not entirely convinced of her dedication to the cause. You see when I put pics of Ozzie on facebook she sent this reaction: ewwwwwwwww! And then continued on about how I should remember that I have vegetarian friends and shouldn't post things like that. Now I happened to see this before looking at my wall. So my reply was "Hey you've known me since high school. I haven't changed-you have." This was good natured ribbing between two friends so don't read any hostility in this. The banter continued a few more posts.

That's when I looked at my wall. Britty had posted her usual commentary about gym workouts and such. The end being "and I just finished some great general tso's shrimp". Does anyone else see the problem in these conflicting statements? Last time I checked shrimp was still meat, right?

So I text Britty (cause for this conversation you need faster response time). And I ask since when do vegetarians eat shrimp? To which she gives me some fancy shmancy name for her type. Umm..I'm puzzled. (Now don't get me wrong I love vegetables. They make great side dishes to meat.) See my definition for vegetarians comes from a bass pro tshirt of Honeybears. It reads vegetarian- old Indian word for bad hunter. The very word says it all: VEG-a-tar-ian.

So now my interest is peaked. I say okay what about eggs? Her reply-only vegetarian eggs. Okay I'm sitting here thinking-I've yet to see a staulk of celery nesting. This is were Honeybear buts in and says "come on. Even "organic" eggs squeeze out a chicken butt." (My hubby the poet.)

Now I'm not trying to anger anyone-I swear. Like I said I love veggies. I just like meat, preferably fresh. I just don't understand what defines meat. I mean don't shrimp deserve vegetarian love too? Think of all those baby shrimp missing their eight armed hugs goodnight. Poor little shrimp babies. And she said a picture of a dead chicken that didn't have a chance to reproduce teared her up. She just ate how many shrimp mommies and daddies?

Now I have only picked on Britty because one-I love her. And two how in the world can some one so close to me be so citified? Where did I go wrong? And does anyone else see the irony in someone with the nick name Britty Bacon to be vegetarian?

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