Sunday, July 4, 2010

boys or girls

Yesterday Daddy (yes, I'm 25 and I call him that still) told me I sounded like a hillbilly Erma Bombeck! For those who don't know who Erma Bombeck is, I'm shocked! Hahaha-Not really, some would wonder how I would know who she is, since she was popular before I was even a thought. She is the original blogger, if you will. Her book Motherhood the Second Oldest Profession, is full of short antedotes of everyday life. Now you can see why I was just tickled pink, who wouldn't be?

And it made me think of one of my favorite sections: who's harder to raise, boys or girls? Since I have both I'll answer this honestly. Its...puppies. Now your probably thinking: Sheena, PUPPIES? Well of course puppies. Can you put a diaper on a puppy? (Well you can, but in my family you'd be laughed out the door.) What about when you leave a puppy alone for 10 minutes, only to come back and have to pick the trash can and its contents up. Now I know when I throw something away the first time, I'm not planning on seeing it again. That all being said, I would suggest sleeping with a football, praying, or eating a lot of red meat-if your pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.

Boys are like living in the tropics-daily hurricanes. But you live in the tropics, you KNOW there's going to be hurricanes! For example: yesterday I hear "Push" and some clattering coming from the boys room. So naturally I holler down the hall, "Boys, what are you doing?" As I reach their door Martin,7, is pulling Degan,4.5, through the window. And right behind him with his head and front paws sticking through is their bully, Diesel. Apparently they were trying to teach Diesel to climb in and out for easier potty breaks.

Now on the other hand are girls, they're more like Missouri weather. You never know what it'll be like, you just know its going to be extreme. And a prime example is this: as I walked back down the hall back to the living room, I realized the girls were very quiet. So I peek in their half closed door. They were playing ever so nicely- with markers! Oh yes and the board cleaner. Apparently they thought walls were able to do dry erase too. Oh and skin and dolls and oh yes clothes! Now Madison, almost 6, saw me and was shocked into downcast eyes and a look of penance. Bella,2, on the other hand was laughing as she turned and caught sight of me. She instantly dissolved into tears. Don't tell me they didn't know better, their faces said it all. Their explanation: we didn't know it wouldn't come off. (Cause the first couple you tried to erase wasn't a clue) All I have to say is bride of chucky has nothing on the "make-up" they put on their girls! Thank goodness for magic erasers.

It'll be like this their entire lives. Think about it, at age 16 a boy wrecks his truck, what does he tell his father? Oh man dad you should have been there, I took that corner and started to flip it was awesome. A girl on the other hand will bat her eyes squeeze out some tears and go daddy you do believe that silly car just lost control? I wasn't doing anything wrong at all. Bat, bat, few sniffles. (To my mom & dad :I really did just over correct Daddy. Bat,bat it had nothing to do with changing the radio. Besides Mama needed a new car.)

So now tell me what you think? Which is easier: boys or girls?


  1. I think boys! Maybe. No, wait a minute. Girls....nope, I'll stick with boys.

    Hillbilly Erma Bombeck? Ha! He's right. You are a hillbilly Erma Bombeck. LOVE IT>

  2. Lol. Thanks Kathie. I love the title, I've even thought about putting it on my business card. Hillbilly Erma Bombeck, changing everyday life into humor. Choices galore. Still trying to figure out which painting to use in the background.


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